Wyatt Carlson

Brash Youth (Fighter)


Race: Human
Height: 5’11"
Age: 20
Body Type: Strong
Hairstyle: Medium Length
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Facial Hair: None
Eye Color: Deep Blue


Works for Carl at Rock Solid Masonry.
Often fights in The Pit.

Orphaned as a child, he grew up as a street urchin in Darokin. He did what he had to to live and he ended up getting caught while stealing some food from Carl. Instead of reporting him to the authorities, Carl had him work until he payed off what he stole. After a while, Carl found that he enjoyed having him around and when Wyatt was done paying him back, Carl asked if he would like to stay there with him and work for him. Wyatt, not really having any better options, readily agreed.

Wyatt Carlson

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