Sammond Rootarrow

Cutpurse Rogue


Race: Hairfoot Halfling
Height: 3’1"
Age: 34
Body Type: Average
Hairstyle: Messy
Hair Color: Black
Facial Hair: Short Goatee
Eye Color: Brown


A fairly typical Halfling, Sammond enjoys the finer things in life, and moves along it at a leisurely pace. He particularly enjoys good pipe-weed and a nice wine. Of course, being as how he left the Shires (of his own volition) these niceties are… more difficult to come by. So, he has taken up a hobby that helps him to relax: theft. Now he’s not going to go steal from a beggar or whatnot, but some noble whose purse is overflowing and wouldn’t notice a few gold missing? Now that’s a different story. Sammond, like most Halflings, thinks of it as a game, and everyone knows a Halfling enjoys a good game. It’s not a game of quantity, so there’s no need to go and put himself at risk trying to take as much as possible, but rather a longer, more drawn-out game of “How long I can keep this up without being caught?”

So far, he’s winning.

Sammond Rootarrow

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