Legends of Mystara

Wyatt's Afternoon

The Son of a Mason

Wyatt Carlson was sent to gather a mallet, 2 chisels, and a pry-bar from Hammer and Chisel Masonry Tools. George invited Wyatt to join some of the Craftsman Guild members at the Rancid Dwarf Bar that night for a drink. After buying the materials, he promptly set back for Rock Solid Masonry. Once there, he helped Loril Balfendar and Carl on a bridge design they were working on as a joint project between Rock Solid, Gnomeworks, and Sheer Stone for a bridge crossing the Streel Long Islands’ southern tips. He placed the tools in the workshop and left to duel in the Fighter’s Guild‘s arena The Pit. He agreed with Arthur to a 2-on-1 challenge. After having his right hand fractured and his right knee broken in the fight, Wyatt managed to knock one of his opponents unconscious with a single thump of his spear butt across the bridge of their nose. Unfortunately, while this happened, Wyatt’s other opponent slung his morning star against the left side of Wyatt’s head, placing an end to Wyatt’s fight. After regaining consciousness from the fight and healing from The Pit’s priest, Wyatt left to join the Guild members at the Rancid Dwarf.



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