Legends of Mystara

Rayen's First City

Jan. 1 - Jan. 7

Rayen Adsila, in an attempt to traverse the vast world, stowed away on a cargo ship that had docked on her island to trade with a local village. She adeptly snuck into the ship’s underbelly, but after about 3 days, she was found sneaking food from the galley. The crewmates, not knowing who or what she was (as she was a Hybrid at the time) tried to contain her while one of them went to get the captain.

This, however, proved to be futile as she darted in between two of the men and into the cargo hold. after a room-by-room sweep of the ship turned up no results of the mysterious woman-creature, the sailors went back to work, often glancing around and speaking of ill omens and superstition. Throughout the rest of the journey, Rayen stayed in the cargo hold, feeding off of mice she expertly caught.

At last, the ship had made it to Athenos, the Republic of Darokin’s main port city. Rayen soon realized that the men would come down to take the cargo out, so she decided her best course of action would be to hide in one of the crates and be carried out. Unfortunately, her plan didn’t work as well as she had hoped, as she had left pottery from one of the crates on the ground. The men started going through the crates, and finally opened the one she was hiding in. In the blink of an eye, she was already out of the box and down the corridor. She shifted back into a human on the run and decided to bolt down the gangplank and into the crowded street, making a successful escape down an alleyway.

Rayen wandered the streets of Athenos for awhile, until she noticed that her coin purse was missing! She skulked down an alley and shifted into a Hybrid again, being very cautious to keep her hood up and head down, staying out of the sight of most people. She managed to follow the rather strong and easy scent to find a Hobbit sitting atop a crate smoking a pipe joyfully. The Hobbit threw her money back to her and smiled cheerfully as he said “I knew there was somethin’ different ’bout ya.”

After awhile of circular questioning, Rayen got frustrated and left the alley. She found her way to the northern exit of Athenos and signed up for a guard duty on a caravan heading to Mar. There she met Atrean Falavir, a fellow wanderer who signed up for guard duty on the same caravan. After some awkward introductions, they met Thordaim Anvil-Chest, a Dwarven smith with a rather impressive adamantine tower shield. Thordaim remarked how the girl didn’t seem suited for guard duty, seeing as how she was so slender and bore no armor or weapons. To which she simply replied “I can handle my own.”



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