Legends of Mystara

Enter Aylin

The Proposition

Aylin Aldaelon entered the city through the northern Streel River docks. After conferring with a passing High Elf, Aylin set out for the nearest Fighter’s Guild arena in search of a possible mercenary bodyguard. Upon arriving, he met the proprietor (who was NOT happy to see a Gray Elf Wizard in his establishment). After a quick dispute, Aylin set off for the next nearest arena. This arena’s proprietor was much friendlier that the earlier one, willingly giving him information on the overall strength of the fighters in the other arenas. After a quick look around at the fighters in that establishment, Aylin left for the next one (getting a mysterious warning about him “making waves” from an unknown passerby), The Pit. Arthur was not too fond of the Gray Elf either, and wanted him to leave The Pit. On his way out, Aylin caught Wyatt Carlson‘s fight. Judging from his tenacity and combat skills (and the input of a nearby patron) he decided to confront Wyatt and proposition him. Wyatt’s initial reaction was not a pleasant one, especially considering he had just lost his fight, but he considered the Elf’s proposition carefully. Aylin found lodging in a nearby inn for the night.

Wyatt left the Elf to join the Craftsman Guild members at The Rancid Dwarf for drinks. Upon arriving, he asked about Elves, specifically Gray Elves. Thurdan Stonesinger warned him about them; “Gray elves is slimey folk. Always tryin’ to get somethun’ for nothin’. Plus, they’s always usin’ that magic o’ theirs! They gots nasty attitude to boot.” Wyatt, cautious about this warning, decided in the long run to join Aylin in his journey. He decided to tell Carl that he was going to be leaving. Stoically, Carl accepted that Wyatt needed to journey the world while he could, but he was still sad to see his not-quite-adopted son go.

The next morning, Wyatt set off to find his new benefactor, searching the nearby inns until receiving information about the Elf being in The Pit. Wyatt met up with Aylin in The Pit (much to Arthur’s dismay of having the Elf about in his arena) and they set off to prepare. Aylin paid for lodging and food for the road as they went about the marketplace.



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