Legends of Mystara


Jan. 9

After eating their meal (so generously provided by the drivers along with rooming for the night, on behest of Sammond in the stereotypical Hobbit courtesy and hospitality), Aylin confronted Rayen, who acted as something of a de-facto leader of her group. “Why have you and your rabble decided to follow me?” he asked in his usual grating personality.

“I just wanted to explore the world. I don’t lay claim to any treasures we may come across, I only value the places we may visit,” she responded, “and Thordaim is far from rabble! He is a great fighter and a good man, you shouldn’t be so quick to judge.”

“You are a very strange girl,” he replied, ignoring her protest on behalf of the Dwarf.

“You are a very strange man,” She shot back. Sammond leaned back in his chair, grinning from Rayen’s reversal of Aylin’s statement. He puffed from his pipe, sending another small cloud into the mass that loomed over their heads. “Besides,” she added, “I’m not all that strange for my kind.”

“And what kind might that be?” he pressured. Wyatt’s attention was fully on this conversation, as he was curious to the answer as well. Sammond wore a smile on his face as he shot a knowing wink to Thordaim, judging that the Dwarf knew by the smirk he held behind his beard.

“Human. Sort of.” she said with a wry smile. “Why are you so curious about it?”

“Your lack of even the most basic knowledge leads me to the conclusion that you are from a very… secluded part of the world. Yet you seem to have some natural understanding with what lies around you. You are an enigma, girl, and one I plan to solve.” Aylin added vigorously, drawing a sideways glance from Wyatt, who disapproved of his rude comment.

“I am not an ‘enigma’. I don’t even know what creature that is.” She replied seriously. Sammond cast a raised eyebrow at her, but her expression had shown that she thought her remark to make sense. Aylin closed his eyes and shook his head, utterly defeated by the girl’s lack of comprehension.

He pushed himself back from the table and stood. “I grow weary of this conversation.” he stated bluntly, and turned to leave for his room.

Wyatt half-heartedly smiled at Rayen and added “it’s probably best we get some rest.” trying to disarm Aylin’s statement. Thordaim and he stood from the table as well and left for their rooms. Rayen and Sammond still sat at the table, the Hobbit laying back casually against the wall in his chair. His eyes were closed, but Rayen could tell he was still awake by the pace of his breathing.

“Are you not going to join us? she asked, rising from her own chair.

Sammond cracked an eye open and smiled, mumbling “I’m quite comfortable where I am.”

“From what I’ve seen, you little people are all quite lazy.” she mentioned, “tell me, are all Halflings like you?” She didn’t mean any of it as an insult, but got stares at her from around the bar.

Sammond sat the front of his chair back down and looked at her fully. “Don’t be callin’ us ‘Little People’, lass. Some of us don’t take kindly to words like that. ‘Halfling’, too. We’re Hobbits, or Shire Folk if you like. And we’re not lazy, we just see no need in rushing about in life.” Sammond’s explanation to her changed some of the glances she got from irked to understanding of her ignorance.

“Oh. I’m sorry, I meant no disrespect to you or your people,” She quickly apologized, “I heard some of the Humans use that name for your people, I had no idea it was a mean one. The other races that I met were very… different from your people.”

“It’s all fine and well, lass. No harm done.” he replied, once again leaning back in his chair. She decided to take her leave now, somewhat embarrassed by the incident, and get some rest.



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